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Telerehabilitation "Virtual" Physiotherapy

Virtual (video conferencing) physiotherapy Initial Assessments & subsequent treatments remain an option at this time. A secure video conferencing platform is used to conduct the physiotherapy session. Virtual Initial Assessments are 75-90 min in length and Subsequent visits are 45-60 min in length, and are billed at the same cost as in-clinic appointments. Please check with your insurance company if your virtual session is covered prior to your appointment.

How does the virtual physiotherapy session work?

A few hours prior your appointment time you will be emailed a link to join your session. It is recommended you:

  • Have access to a quiet, private space
  • Use a set of headphones
  • Have a charger for your electronic device ready in reach
  • Wear comfortable athletic or exercise clothing

During the session a thorough medical history is taken, along with current symptoms and/or goals. Anatomical models and pictures are used to educate and provided a working diagnosis. The assessment may consist of postural evaluation and an observation of specific movements and exercises. Home exercise prescription, bowel & bladder education and self -treatment strategies are the primary focus of the session. Posture, movement and exercises can be observed and feedback provided. Please note, no vulvar or perineal evaluations are obtained during virtual sessions.

 ***Not everyone is a candidate for virtual physiotherapy and is encouraged to speak to the physiotherapist before booking a virtual appointment. Treatment may involve a combination of in-person and virtual physiotherapy sessions.

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