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Postpartum Physiotherapy

Prenatal Physiotherapy

Once postpartum, you are for life. Learn how to re-connect with your new body, pelvic floor + core .


  • How to prevent/manage/reduce/eliminate urinary or fecal urgency & incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic girdle and spinal pain, hip and coccyx (tailbone pain)
  • How to address tight, sensitive or painful perineal or Caesarean scar tissue
  • The truth about “healing” diastasis recti
  • Guidance on navigating postpartum return to movement and/or sports

Your individualized assessment & treatment may include the following:

  • A comprehensive medical, bladder and bowel history
  • An assessment of your spine, pelvic girdle and/or hips and external manual therapy techniques
  • External and internal pelvic floor (diaphragm) muscle evaluations
  • Guidance on postpartum vaginal or caesarean birth recovery exercises
  • Exercises & stretches to address perineal or caesarean scar tissue
  • Individual strategies about how to re-connect to your pelvic floor + core with movement and exercise

When should I come?

Around 6 weeks is ideal. If you are experienced a significant birth trauma (3rd + degree tears, instrument deliveries, issues with bladder control and emptying, difficulty with post Cesarean birth pain), you may benefit from attending as early as 2-4 weeks postpartum.

Please Note: if you are attending physiotherapy between 0-6 weeks postpartum, assessment and treatment techniques are external only, unless specified by your doctor/ midwife. Internal evaluations may be completed at 6 weeks as per your discharge appointment with your doctor/midwife.

All virtual & in-clinic physiotherapy sessions are provided by a registered physiotherapist, with courses specifically in Female Pelvic Health Physiotherapy. The sessions are 1:1 and there is a private, closed-door treatment room. Please note virtual appointment are for residents of Manitoba only, and perineal evaluations will not be completed virtually.

Tryna is happy collaborate with other certified perinatal heath, birth and fitness professionals who are involved in your postpartum care and recovery. Looking to add a professional to your support team? Feel free to contact the clinic for recommendations!


Become empowered. Learn how to connect with your body, pelvic floor + core, by scheduling a physiotherapy appointment today.