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Our Clinic

Element Physiotherapy was established and open for business September
2014 by owner/physiotherapist, Tryna DeGagne and her husband, Matt.
After working in two very different physiotherapy settings, the hospital and
private practice, Element Physiotherapy was born.Tryna drew from both
jobs and different mentors to create an environment promoting optimal
rehabilitation and recovery.
Services Provided:
• Pelvic health physiotherapy:
• Prenatal and postpartum physiotherapy & women’s pelvic health
physiotherapy (incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and pelvic pain)
• Paediatric pelvic floor physiotherapy (incontinence, constipation, bed
• ***Tryna maintains a small orthopaedic caseload, her niche is in Pelvic
Health Physiotherapy.
The clinic schedules 60-90 minute new client assessments and 30-60
minute follow up treatments. We do not scheduling overlapping client
appointments. This allows ample time for for assessing, treating and
educating clients. Physiotherapy services provided have a strong
background in manual therapy (hands on treatment), belief in movement
and home exercise prescription. The one on one time scheduled with
clients allows us to truly provide “hands on” treatment and time to educate
our clients regarding their diagnosis, client/therapist goals and to form a
personalized physiotherapy program. Physical activity has been proven
extensively by research to help decrease pain, anxiety, depression
and help with mood. Element’s believe is that that physiotherapy that
incorporates our client’s mind (beliefs), body (physical injury/symptoms)
and soul (mental health), provides the ultimate paradigm for healing.
“Take care of your body. It’s the only one you have to live in.” Jim Rohn.

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